Disaster & Restoration

Special Division

ALGECORP® Facility Services Canada Ltd helps you get back in business quickly!
When disaster strikes, ALGECORP® is the bridge between you, your customer, and total satisfaction. We minimize business interruptions by quickly analyzing the problem, providing a professional assessment of the damage, determining the services needed for a complete restoration, reviewing scope of services with the adjuster, finishing the job on time, and following up to assure total satisfaction.
Let us show you how ALGECORP® can help.


Fire Disaster

Fire fighters extinguishing flames

We provide nationwide single-source solution for disaster restoration and reconstruction services. We have one of the fastest local on-site emergency response times in the industry, available 24/7/365.

The preferred customer program will get you back in business when you need it most. It offers you:
•Comprehensive services including pre-loss contingency planning assistance
•Emergency loss mitigation response
•Post-loss clean-up and reconstruction
•Expert services in emergency mitigation

Part of any strong business plan is preparing for emergencies and natural disasters. At ALGECORP® we know that for your business, lost time is lost revenue — and potentially lost customers. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with our Disaster Restoration Service, a program minimizing business and financial disruptions in the event of property damage or loss.

Some questions to consider:
•Do you have a plan?
•Do you and your employees know who to call?
•Do you know that a call to ALGECORP® can minimize disruptions and get
your business back in operation in a timely manner?

Join ALGECORP® and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.